Privacy policy

This website is aimed chiefly and primarily at providing the necessary information about the activities of OOO “Arbor Nova” to the individuals and legal entities (users) and to inform about goods and services (products) provided by OOO “Arbor Nova”.

The materials published on this website are for informational purposes only.

All content of this website is the property of OOO “Arbor Nova” and is protected by applicable laws governing copyright issues. In this regard, the website users can use its content for personal and non-commercial purposes. Use of the website content in other cases is not allowed.

The company does not allow any changes to the content of this site, as well as subsequent reproduction of its contents.

Please note that the Company’s website has links to other websites and in this case the Company is not responsible for non-disclosure of information on other resources.

Receiving and processing personal data.

OOO “Arbor Nova” receives your personal data when you indicate it in the feedback forms on the website, send it by mail or personally inform the employees of the Company. By transmitting your personal data to the Company, you agree that OOO “Arbor Nova” is entitled to use your personal data solely for the purpose of providing information on a request for prices, availability and properties of goods, terms of delivery, if the latter is possible, as well as sending information messages. In accordance with the current legislation and the Privacy Policy of OOO “Arbor Nova”, you can change, update or request to delete your data at any time.

Your consent may be revoked at any time, by sending the appropriate appeal by e-mail specified in the Contact Us section on our website.

When filling out the feedback forms, you can provide the following information:

Full name;

Contact telephone number;

E-mail address.

The Company’s website may collect some statistical information, for example:

User’s IP address;

Browser type;

Date, time and number of visits;

The address of the website from which the user linked to the Company’s website;

Location information;

Information about visited pages, viewing advertising banners;

Information provided by your browser (device type, browser type and version, operating system, etc.).

Privacy statement

OOO “Arbor Nova” takes a responsible attitude towards protecting the personal data of its customers and respects the privacy of each user of the website.

The Company guarantees that no information received from you will ever, and under any circumstances, be provided to third parties without your consent, except as otherwise provided by applicable laws of the Russian Federation.

The Company guarantees that the personal data transmitted by you to the Company will be processed in strict accordance with applicable laws.

Changes and updates to the information on the website

The Company reserves the right to make the necessary changes on the website, replace or delete any parts of its content and restrict access to the website at its discretion at any time.

The Company also reserves the right to amend the Privacy Policy in order to further improve the system of protection against unauthorized access to the personal data you provide.